AMWA Standards Based Software Development

Natchez Trace actively participates in the development of emerging standards for Audio Video Broadcasting standards including AIMS TR-03 and TR-06. These standards provide open specifications for the development of AV software components that plug and play into conforming installations. Our high level clients combine control of AV devices with network infrastructure. Our Broadcast Controller application uses the open RESTful API’s for NMOS (TR-03) and Network Control (TR-06) and allows an operator to set up, monitor and control in real-time AV assets at a Broadcast Studio.

Sony IP-Live Integration

Natchez Trace’s Sony NMI Client software provides the ability to connect latest generation Audio Video equipment to the Sony IP-Live. Customers can purchase hardware and software that provides immediate plug-and-play connectivity in Sony’s popular broadcast environment allowing interaction with a wide range of Sony and third party components such as high-end cameras, displays, storage and video processing devices. The software provides ability to send and receive audio and video streams in the widely popular Sony LLVC compression format allowing 4K video transmission on standard 10G ethernet switching networks.

Video over IP Accelerator - VIPA

Macnica’s VIPA board designed and developed by our partners working in San Diego California provides functionality for many of today’s emerging use-cases in Broadcasting and Pro-AV. Natchez Trace, working with Macnica is developing a full-featured Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows third-parties to create custom software while also taking advantage of out-of-the-box functionality Natchez Trace staff travel globally to take part in interoperability workshops. The SDK we have developed for our Macnica partner includes components for Research and Discovery, Network Media Open Specification (NMOS) devices, senders, receivers and connection management.

VIPA 3G-SDI Extender

Our partner Macnica America’s Vipa Extender Board allows Broadcasters to use existing SDI equipment to connect to new IP standards for Audio Video transmission over standard IP equipment. Natchez Trace developed software for the embedded microprocessor on the device along with a GUI to control the board. Software on the board provides for controlling linear adaptive equalization and signal detection on the board. The GUI allows all information on the board to be displayed and updated and provides the ability to update the firmware of the microcontroller through a USB port.

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