Macnica is  one of the leading players in bringing the most recent video standards such as the soon to be ratified SMPTE2110 to production-ready devices. Natchez Trace staff work close with our Japanese and American  Macnica collegues on developing software and hardware for the latest open video standards.  This new hardware and software will be an integral part of the emerging video over IP standards planned for such worldwide events as the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games.

Sony Imaging Products & Solutions lab in Atsugi, Japan is our partner in the area of integrating Sony IP-Live video processing format with Macnica hardware and firmware.

Natchez Trace is proud to be partnered with the Voronezh subsidiary of Data Art whose skilled developers complementing our team help create software products meeting the challenges of the modern market

A recent example of our cooperation with the VSU Computer Science department is active participation in providing staff for lectures and support of the yearly students' festivals.

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